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Our History

MECCANOTTICA MAZZA The company was established by "Mazza" brothers on 1981 from the transformation of a furniture production company. At the beginning, the production was artisan and addressed to the national territory only.
In 1991 the "Cremascoli" group, leader company in the production and sale of medical equipment, decided to acquire Meccanottica Mazza. The factory started to increase its productivity and transformed itself from artisanal reality to a real industry. In this scenary, cooperation with big and important companies become concrete giving an international image and reliability to Meccanottica Mazza. The final result is a well known and appreciated production for design, quality and reliability.


Board of directors:
• Managing director: Mr. ROMEO CREMASCOLI

Number of employees by areas:
• Administration: 3
• Sales: 4
• Production: 18
• Tecnical service: 3

Managing director Romeo Cremascoli
Managing director
Romeo Cremascoli
Commercial Manager Simona Magro
Commercial Manager
Simona Magro
Responsabile Produzione Ernesto Beretta
Manager Production
Ernesto Beretta
Specialist Edoardo Danielli Umberto Zaniboni
Edoardo Danielli
Umberto Zaniboni