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NEW MM UV-C LAMP 2020-05-18

The situation that has hit the world in this last period has pushed us to review many of our behaviors and habits. An aspect that has always resound in a working environment is that of cleaning and sanitizing environments. This aspect becomes even more felt when we are talking about clinics, professional medical offices, medical facilities in general.

Meccanottica Mazza tries to do its part by offering the market its own MM UV-C LAMP (code 15.UVC.00) capable of sanitizing the ophthalmic unit and its instruments in 20' in a simple and safe way according to current regulations (a safety system interrupts automatically the sanitation in progress if it detects the presence of people inside the room).

Lamp designed as an Meccanottica Mazza habit to be efficient, reliable and with an attractive design. This lamp can be "adapted" to any model of ophthalmic unit in the Meccanottica Mazza production range.