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EDGE 2009-02-14

riunito oftalmico meccanottica The ideal attendant at work. Meccanottica Mazza presents its new original creation EDGE, the second one of the new generation of ophthalmic units.
EDGE is the natural evolution of its predecessor PURE, presented at Mido 2008. The EDGE project was realized with the specific purpose of summarizing various characteristics till now reserved to bigger size units in a more compact original creation.
The versatility of EDGE is given due to the possibility to have a fixed two instruments table (code 10.130.00) or a classic two instruments sliding table (code 10.140.00), the possibility to configure the unit with a “compact” control panel console (only digital keyboard), an “elegance” control panel console with 1 drawer or an “highline” console with 3 drawers; the latter option makes it possible to compact the refraction room and place everything that is necessary on a single support.
The last but not less important characteristic is the possibility to choose the option “H” or, in other words, to change electrically the height of the instruments table in a way that, by combining this movement with the possibility to change the chair height (serial characteristics of our production), you will obtain a perfect position for the patient. By adding also the mechanism, which moves and rotates the chair, we obtain a perfect use for patients on wheel chair also. EDGE, like all units of Meccanottica Mazza products' range, can be equipped with all existing chairs models and with both phoropter arms (counter balanced or pantograph) of our production line.