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Starting from today, Meccanottica Mazza opens a new channel of communication with distributors who will receive in a systematic way documentation about company’s news.
These reports take the form of on-line newsletter sent periodically.

The first change concerns the reinforcement of the sales department, with the arrival of Jessica Galimberti (, who together with Simona Magro ( will provide better customer support and a more efficient pre and post sales service.
Jessica Galimberti, 26, graduated in foreign languages and literature at the University of Milan, will play the role of “sales support / customer care assistant”.

We have noticed the increasing attitude of consumers / customers to use the “WEB channel” to find information, compare and buy products.
It’s our intention to invest in this direction in order to give more sales’ tools/resources to our customers.
To Jessica we have entrusted the responsibility of coordination and development of this project.
In this regard, please refer to our website

Any comments, advice, suggestions or critics are welcome and will help us to understand what to propose and how to improve it for sales benefit.

Romeo Cremascoli
Meccanottica Mazza srl